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How to Get More Group Bookings From Casinos


Sep 18, 2023


You stride into a casino brimming with confidence, a wallet full of cash, and plans for a bit of enjoyable, sensible gaming and maybe two rounds of drinks. Hours later, you’re no longer sure what time it is or how much your money has gone up in smoke. The truth is, every aspect of a casino — from the music and lights to the physical design — is carefully designed to lead you into spending more money than you intend.

It’s easy to make poor betting decisions in the heat of the moment (poker players refer to it as being “on tilt”). But that’s not a bad thing, so long as you recognize the house edge and know how much you are willing to spend.

Gambling is about as social an activity as you can get, and casinos are often a hub of noise, laughter and champagne glasses clinking. The good vibes are infectious, and even if your fortunes don’t change on a particular trip, you’ll likely have fun and remember it fondly.

When it comes to attracting group business, casinos can be a tricky market. It’s one thing to know your demographics, but it’s a completely different story to understand what these people are looking for and how you can help them find it. Use Cvent’s Search Ads to boost your visibility for planners in similar or sister markets who are searching for the services you offer, and you could see an immediate increase in group bookings.